Hi, I'm Max Glenister.

This website is a collection of all of the things I've been doing with my 3D Printer.

You'll find lots of examples of badly modelled things, poorly printed things, and a lot of wasted plastic!

The start of a new hobby

I bought a 3D printer!

I’ve gone with the Anycubic Kossel Plus with linear rails. This is a Delta style printer, in that the head moves on all 3 axis’ – unlike a Cartesian printer where the head moves on the X- and Y-axis, and the printer bed moves up and down the Z-axis. (You can read more about the difference between different types of printer here)

I bought the printer as a part-assembled “kit” from Amazon. It took a couple of hours to assemble and set up.

The printer features a heated bed, and it came with a spool of black PLA filament, so I’ll be starting with that.

Here are some video reviews: