Hi, I'm Max Glenister.

This website is a collection of all of the things I've been doing with my 3D Printer.

You'll find lots of examples of badly modelled things, poorly printed things, and a lot of wasted plastic!

New Filament!

I bought some new filament! The 1kg of black that came with the printer has lasted me about 3 months, and so it was time to buy some more.

I didn’t look exhaustively for filament, I just looked on Amazon at some reviews and found a colour I liked at a price that I liked, and got it delivered the next day with Amazon Prime.

I’ve gone for: Prima Filaments PV-PLA-175-1000-NA

I’ve not got much evidence (other than anecdotal) but this seems like a huge improvement over the black filament that came with the printer.

I printed a Cherry MX keycap for the first print with this new filament, and ended up with a nice transition from black to clear as the last of the black filament was flushed out of the hotend.

I also designed and printed some super grippy handles for a rocking horses (long story), and they turned out great.

You’ll obviously be seeing more of this filament over the next couple of months.