Hi, I'm Max Glenister.

This website is a collection of all of the things I've been doing with my 3D Printer.

You'll find lots of examples of badly modelled things, poorly printed things, and a lot of wasted plastic!

New Printer Standoffs and a Rebuild

There are lots of mods and additions for the Anycubic Kossel on Thingiverse. I’ve been looking to reduce the footprint of my 3D printer for a while now as it currently shares the same desk as my PC. I came across a set of standoff legs and immediately downloaded and printed them.

They printed great, with no failures and no adhesion problems. One of the legs even has a mount for the PSU power cable.

I had to take apart the entire base of the printer to install the 3D printed T-nuts that attach the standoffs to the bottom of the printer with M3 screws, and redo the wiring so that I could position the PSU under the printer, but it was completely worth it.

The printer seemed like it’s finally dialed in… and then I had to go and dismantle it to install the standoffs. Ah well!

Kossel 2020 Riser Feet: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2460490 T-nut M3 2020 aluprofile: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1073567