Hi, I'm Max Glenister.

This website is a collection of all of the things I've been doing with my 3D Printer.

You'll find lots of examples of badly modelled things, poorly printed things, and a lot of wasted plastic!

Pocket Sprite Laptop Mount

I’ve been playing with this Pocket Sprite a bit lately. It’s a tiny ESP32-based device that can emulate Gameboy, NES and various other classic game systems.

Besides this, it’s also quite straight-forward to develop for. The development process is a bit tiresome however, involving a multi-step process to get your applications on to the device.

To make this a bit less painful, and to distract me from my shortcomings in writing C, I decided to design a bracket to hold the Pocket Sprite in view while I’m developing for it.

The design isn’t perfect yet (even 5 6 iterations in!) but it sort of does the job. You can grab the .stl on Thingiverse if you like too!